The 10,000 Year Clock: Somewhere out in Texas, a group is building a machine to challenge the human perception of time.

This blog is an excerpt of an article that is currently available on which is excerpted from WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY: How Biohackers, Foodies, Physicians, and Scientists are Transforming Human Perception, Once Sense at a Time by Kara Platoni. Available from Basic Books, a member of The Perseus Books Group. Copyright © 2015

Register now for our PARC Forum where Alexander Rose will be presenting “Designing for Longevity: The 10,000 Year Clock Project” on Thursday, June 30, 2016 at 5pm at PAKE Auditorium, PARC.

Alexander Rose leans back in the café chair, and in a soft, steady voice, begins to tell the story of how you might visit the clock:  You and your fellow adventurers would drive into the … read more

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