Can Video Live Up to Its Big Data Potential?

The entire back of the human brain is dedicated to seeing and interpreting things. We can catch sight of the slightest corner of a fender, and recognize our car. Or, we can see a blurred image and easily recognize it as an airplane.

Vision is one of the most powerful senses humans use to understand the world and make decisions. Cameras create physical snapshots of what we see, but the interpretation of images and video is still largely a chore for the human brain.

At PARC, a Xerox company, scientists are working on video and image analytics systems that allow machines to “see” and extract information from images and video on their own. These systems will be able to dynamically … read more

Human Error? No, Bad Design
By Don Norman Editor’s Note:  We look forward to welcoming Don Norman and Patrick Whitney to PARC Forum this Tuesday, July 1. Register today and… read more