Energy Analytics: Asking the right questions

A recent bus shelter ad in San Francisco asserts that we are all data nerds. Putting aside any hyperbole or social irony in the ad, many of us in the local tech industry are playing with numbers a lot these days. This love affair with data-driven decision-making is enabled by new streams of data and increasingly cheap digital storage.  Media successes provide inspiration for companies founded on the notion that there will be value derived from datasets such as imagery, electric grid usage, human activities and lifestyles.  Data science is a new category for jobs, degrees, and an array of applications of statistics, machine learning, and visualization. In this hive of buzzwords, I’m thinking about data science through the … read more

Human Error? No, Bad Design
By Don Norman Editor’s Note:  We look forward to welcoming Don Norman and Patrick Whitney to PARC Forum this Tuesday, July 1. Register today and… read more
Three Ways to Tame Disruption
Disruptive Discourse There’s been a lot of talk this past week in the press about disruptive innovation. What it is and what it isn’t. The… read more